Tooth n’ Claw Episode 5: Jurassic Lark, Part 1 (Feat. Dan from Danger Club)

Feating special guest Dan Thompson, Games Master for the amazing Danger Club Podcast specialising in Pathfinder!

Chapter 3 Part 1: Our heroes are sent deep into the depths of the jungles of Chult, led by one of their employers; the great hunter Dr. Culpability Gnomes! Together the head out on the hunt of a mythical Great White Tyrannosaurus-Rex which Dr. Gnomes has been following and attempting to hunt down for decades. Together they will see where this dinosaur has its den, and how it all connects to a mysterious temple which is being dug up imminently...

Power Word Roll is a Dungeons & Dragons actual-play podcast from London, edited down to be dramatised and more easily consumable!

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