Tooth n’ Claw Episode 7: The Lizard, Fudwich, and the Sword Coast, Part 1

Feating special guest Chloe Mashiter, Games Master for Adventurers Wanted and creator of Tabletop RPGs!

Chapter 4 Part 1: The shady town of Fudwich exists on the borders of the misty Moonshae Isles. Long ignored, its community have in recent times started acting strangely, and its been affecting local fish which have started to fly out of the water. However when strange monsters made out of a sludge-like substance start appearing and eating these flying fish a local ecologist hires Tooth n' Claw to investigate. Meanwhile a reporter looking for her latest scoop is headed the exact same way...

Power Word Roll is a Dungeons & Dragons actual-play podcast from London, edited down to be dramatised and more easily consumable!

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This episode was edited by Harry Tigg

Theme song by Enigmatic Jay

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